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Year-end adjustment

Printing required documents after entering information for the year-end adjustment

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This page explains how to print the documents created after entering year-end adjustment information and the sheets for affixing original copies. If you are planning to answer the year-end adjustment questionnaire on your smartphone or similar device and then print out the documents at a convenience store or other location without using a computer, save the created documents.

1. Press [Year-End Adjustment Procedures (年末調整の手続き)] on the top page

Press [Year-End Adjustment Procedures (年末調整の手続き)] to display the [Your Year-End Adjustment (あなたの年末調整)] screen.

2. Press the name of the document you wish to print

Press the document name under [Related documents (関連書類)] or [Sheets for affixing original copies (原本貼り付け用台紙)] shown under [Other (その他)] to display the preview screen.

*Screenshot of [Your Year-End Adjustment (あなたの年末調整)]画像を表示する

3. Press [Print (印刷)]

Press [Print (印刷)] at the bottom right of the preview screen to print the PDF file.

Screenshot of the preview screen画像を表示する