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What to do after receiving an invite from SmartHR?


When you start using SmartHR, you will initially receive an email with the title “Invitation Guidance(招待のご案内)”.

This page explains the steps to follow after receiving the email.

Log in to SmartHR and register your information

1. Click on the URL in the email to view SmartHR

Open the URL in the email sent from SmartHR to view the SmartHR screen.

When displaying the SmartHR screen after checking the email on a smartphone, display the screen in a web browser such as Chrome, not in a browser within an app such as the iPhone default email app, Gmail app, or Yahoo! Mail app. Displaying the screen in a browser within an app is outside the operating environment and may cause SmartHR to not work correctly.

Invitation email example

件名招待のご案内 |[会社名]
本文[会社名]より SmartHR に招待されました。
下記のURLをクリックして SmartHR にアクセスいただき、アカウントの設定、情報登録をお願いいたします。
この招待は2週間有効です。有効期限を過ぎてしまった場合は、チームの管理者( )までお問い合わせください。
このメールは SmartHR をご利用いただいているお客さまに送信しています。

Click the URL to display the [Create your account(アカウントの初期設定)] page.


2. Set the account password and then click [Sign up(登録する)]

Set a password to enter when logging in to SmartHR, and then click [Sign up(登録する)].

The password must be 10 characters or more (maximum of 72 characters). Use alphanumeric characters and symbols except for "¥" and "\".

3. Fill in the form and click [Sign up(登録する)]

Fill in the form at the [Registering Employee Information(従業員情報の登録)] screen and then click [Sign up(登録する)] at the bottom of the page.

Please refer to (List) File formats and sizes that can be uploaded for information on the file formats that can be uploaded, such as photos of ID cards, and the maximum size per file.


If you have a dependent family member

Click the [+Add new family member(+新しく家族を追加)] displayed below [Family information(家族情報) (dependent family member only(扶養する家族のみ))] and enter information for your dependent family member in the form.


If you have 2 or more dependent family members, you can add more forms by clicking [+Add new family member(+新しく家族を追加)] for each family member that you want to add as a dependent.

Please also add dependents who are not eligible for exemption(控除対象でない扶養家族).